About Us

About Us

In terms of managing transportation and other specialised cargo services, Gatistvam and Company has held the top spot. Being on the cutting edge has allowed us to provide a significant amount of experience in the custom clearing and forwarding sector. Our process efficiently maps the customer’s logistics requirements to the services that meet those requirements.

August 1997 saw the founding of the business. Today, it has had a meteoric rise in its industry and is regarded as the centre of this service sector’s network.

Every step of the way, our system monitors the shipments. Based on the high standards we have established for our services, our performance can be assessed. We are motivated and focused on providing excellent performance and swift execution.

We are driven and arranged towards quality execution and brief execution.

We bring in the field of Movement Industry have been lucky to have a sound accomplice in business who has been true, commendable and achieved in their work culture. This has permitted us to be our “own” in our presence and empowered us to be serious as well as a stride ahead, all things considered, as the consummation of occupation close by is concerned.

Gatistvam and Company have no bad energy in the midst of them and the word ‘NO’ doesn’t exist in their word reference!

Their positive methodology and the ever-energetic answer are uncommon excellence in this steadily changing and cutthroat business climate!

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to be the one and only, not one in a million. Think of us when you need dependable services, prompt execution, and first-rate solutions.

Our Vision is to establish a freight forwarding and customs clearance system that is not only effective but also essential to how customer services are run and delivered. Our mission and clients’ goals are in perfect alignment. A perfect vision, in our opinion, is one that reflects both the organisational and customer motivations.

The Salient Features of the site briefly listed for one’s convenience, are as below:

  •  Metric conversion
  •  Shipping & Airline Information
  •  Import/Export Sea & Air Shipments
  •  Freight Forwarding
  •  Import / Buyer consolidations
  •  Custom Brokerage
  •  Door-to -Door Delivery & Warehousing
  •  Transportation

This “driving force” that exists within each member of the team has allowed Om Services to develop an idea for excellence, namely the launch of their own private website that is comprehensive and useful and that shares with the world the entire pool of information that is pertinent to one’s business!

We are confident that everyone will recognise Om Services’ meticulous work and ardent efforts in helping the website take off.

Being in my position, I am confident that Om Services would welcome any comments from both friends and enemies to improve the website as a resource for any business.

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